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The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol is at its heart a comedy about corruption, politics, and mistaken identities. A charismatic “bad boy,” Ivan Hlestekov, comes to a small town and is mistakenly identified as a high official sent from the Tsar to investigate the officials of the town.

The Mayor, Anton Antonovich Skvoznik Dmuakhanovsky, springs the town into action and chaos ensues. The mistaken government inspector is wined and dined and shown the best attributes of the town.  All the dirty laundry is shoved under the bear rug and bribes are given out like candy.

The Mayor’s wife, Anna Andreyevna, tries to glean special favors from Ivan while arranging a marriage between her daughter, Marya Antonovna. Meanwhile, Ivan’s “butler,” Osip, as usual, saves the day.

Come to our show for some belly-hitting laughs and get away from the stresses of everyday life. Because of the nature of political satire and farce, the show does have some mature content and adult themes.  We would be proud to share our show with you!

Venue and Tickets
J.E.B. Stuart High School
3301 Peace Valley Lane
Falls Church, VA 22044

Thursday, November 16, 7:00pm
Friday, November 17, 7:00pm
Saturday, November 18, 2:00pm & 7:00 pm

Students/Seniors  $8
Adults  $10
Tickets available at the door for cash or check only.